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Here is what our customers are saying about us!

"From the moment you walk into the BlissKi Bliss Zone the healing begins. Thanks to Michelle for breathing life back into me time after time. Eternal and Brightest Blessings." Kerry Fosbury, Greenwich

I have been coming to blisski for the past 18 months & it has positively changed my life. Michelle is a God send & her energy healings always are very insightful & enjoyable. I have acupuncture with the brilliant Priti who has helped me physically transform. I'm very lucky to have blisski just down the road from me xxxx Sabrina - Charlton

Had the best experience today at blisski, I was so calm and relaxed felt very comfortable and welcomed. I would highly recommend to people to try go the treatments. Michelle is a very talented amazing women. Will be booking again soon. Thank you so much. Rae Kay Vee.

I had the best massage ever!! Samantha was wonderful, very kind, polite and extremely professional. I will be recommending her to everyone if I can! Now to book in my next sesh at blisski! Tricia Merchant.

Such a special little piece of heaven in the midst of greater London! Priti keep up the beautiful work that you do! Bee Wong, Greenwich.

"Michelle is probably the only person who I 100% trust. As she works with your energy, strange sensations begin to move over and through you. Because I trust Michelle I surrender.... By the time I thanked her, paid, said goodbye and stepped out into the street outside, I felt like a different person. A vessel of Zen, a greenhouse of peace, a walking sancturary of georgeousness"
Bethan Stritton, Isle of Wight, Author of 'Grow Your Own Gorgeousness' - for full Article please see here.

"I left the centre so surprised and very relaxed, armed with good general health tips and a prescription for fun! Michelle was also able to tell me things about my existing health both physical and emotional, that she had no way of knowing that only her hands on healing could have told her. I felt like i'd had a treatment and that something was different, I definately recommend that you give it a try! Michelle has changed my view completely" Rebecca, Greenwich Mums. See here for full review.

I had a Reiki session and experienced it as truly valuable. I believe Michelle has great skills and I felt comfortable the entire session. She even took quite a lot of time before and after the session to discuss with me what I wanted to say and ask, and also what she found out about me. Highly recommended!
Anotnia Mescke - Tower Hill

 "Thank you very much for my Chakra rebalancing Michelle. I have felt so much better, lighter and more grounded since. The feeling of calmness in the therapy room was amazing and I could really feel it as soon as I walked in."
Jacqui Moran, Greenwich

"I've had two treatments with Michelle at BlissKi now - the 'Spiritual Healing treatment and the 'Reiki Healing' therapy. I've experienced Reiki before, but I've never felt such strong, warm energy radiating from someone as I have with Michelle. She is very intuitive and connected and seems to really understand how to help me heal my body of things seen and unseen. I've been recovering from a prolapsed disc in my back and Michelle has helped me process the physical, spiritual and emotional pain, and step into healing, love and light. I highly recommend Michelle and have been telling all of my friends about my wonderful experience. Thank you!"
Cara Stimson, Blackheath

“I am eternally grateful to you for your healing session on Friday, I have never experienced anything as profound and thoroughly cleansing as your healing treatment.  I felt grounded in a way I have not experienced for years and have been a lot less affected by my environment since your session. You are a very gifted healer and I am grateful that Helen found your healing center for my birthday gift.”
Cheryl Collins, London

"Michelle is an awesome and gifted practitioner emitting warmth and harmony the second you step in to the essential oil infused treatment room. She takes the time to listen to whatever is unbalancing your mind and body before the treatment commences.
It truly is a spiritual experience with healing powers as I leave feeling positive, calm with a sense of hope, having regained equilibrium."

Tori Smith - Woolwich 

"Michelle is a phenomenal Energy healer! She has assisted me to clear through many blockages, understand my life from a higher level. I think that Michelle is gifted, insightful and utilises a system of energy healing that can genuinely assist you to transform your life! I recommend her highly to my friends!" 
Jessica Stoltenburg - Greenwich
"I was very pleasantly surprised & delighted by the energy healing experience with Michelle at Blisski. It was just what I needed at that time, our session shifted what needed to be shifted and afterwards I felt much calmer and lighter yet also balanced, aligned and nurtured. Michelle is a very gifted and powerful intuitive energy healer. I surprised my sister by booking her in for a session with Michelle a few days later (and also went back myself for another healing that day too!) My sister also found the energy healing to be serene, revitalising and profoundly beneficial and said she would return to Blisski."
Jess Pridmore - Canary Wharf

"I recently had an energy healing treatment with Michelle and it has to be without a doubt the most amazing treatment I've ever received. Relaxed doesn't even begin to cover it ... I practically melted into the bed. I left feeling utterly relaxed with an real sense of well being. Just the antidote to a hectic life. It was perfect and I'll be back again very soon."
Olivia Johnson - Blackheath

"I really enjoyed my treatment yesterday, I haven't relaxed like that EVER when receiving Reiki, so....thank you."
Alun, Blackheath

"After reading various information about Reiki, I found BlissKi website which made me feel comfortable enough to give it a try and have a Reiki session with Michelle. It was a new experience for me and it was definitely something I would recommend. I felt relaxed throughout the session and more at ease after. I would say definitely give it a go! It's a new experience and something a lot of people would probably be quite hesitant to try but I think it was great to have the opportunity to try it. Very relaxing. I enjoy my session, with different things "going on" each time, each one very relaxing and beneficial in their own way."
Madalina Pavel - Brockley

"Reiki sessions with Michelle are not only a real treat - her treatment rooms are lovely and so comfortable - but also the perfect way to de-stress. After the treatment I am left feeling in a complete state of calm, more balanced and sleep extremely well and I notice the benefits for a number of days. Michelle is a very skilled practitioner and I would highly recommend her treatments."
Elisabeth Roth - Charlton






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