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Grace – Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Practitioner

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM
Diploma Level 5

About Grace

Grace started her journey with acupuncture 17 years ago when she had her first treatment.

Since then she has travelled to India visiting Dr Passang’s Tibetan Medicine and Chinese clinic where her eyes were really opened to all the ailments Acupuncture can treat.

She began studying in 2018 and is now a registered acupuncturist, holding a Level 5 diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Grace understands that the balance of energy, mind and emotions are the key to health.Treatments with her are individually tailored and combine acupuncture, cupping, tui na and tao yin therapies.

Therapies offered:

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Abdominal Massage (Chi Nei Tsang or Amno Fu)
Cranial Sacral Balancing
Tao Yin (Muscular-Skeletal work)
Massage with Oils
Hot Stone Massage








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